The untold stories that shaped South Florida...     TEMPORARILY CLOSED 

When the sawgrass blooms in South Florida so does racism, gambling, prostitution, and public corruption.

Gallery Admission

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Ages (18 and above)

Walk into our recreation of the murder of Fatty Walsh at the Biltmore hotel, follow along our Crime Timeline which starts in the 1500's, or take a seat in our replica of "Old Sparky"!

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(Ages 3 - 17

Kids are never too young to learn history! They will enjoy learning history, playing on our pinball machines, using our costumes and dressing up, or taking a picture behind bars!

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Guided Gallery Tour

Guided Tour

All ages

Learn more with a guided tour! One of our knowledgeable historians will take you on a walk through the era of the Cuban bombers, the Cocaine Cowboys right up to the Ponzi schemers of today.

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Bus Tours

Escape into South Florida's underworld on our climate-controlled and video equipped bus. 

(While we are unable to run our bus tours right now, you can buy now and tour later)

Tickets are now valid for 12 months!


Crime History

Monday - Saturday

(60-75 minutes)

From Pirates and ship wreckers galore, the bank robbing and moonshine making Ashley Gang, the Era of Prohibition Rum Runners, Al Capone, Meyer Lansky’s gambling empire, the Italian Mafia, to cocaine smuggling, South Florida was the prescription drugs and pill mills capital of the nation. 


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Tour Packages


Gallery + Bus Tour

Monday - Saturday (Approximately 2 hours)

Why just do one activity when you can do both? Our guide will take you on a guided tour through our gallery (30 minutes) and then take you on one of our bus tours (60 minutes).


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Gallery + Rum Tour

Wednesday - Saturday (Approximetly 2 hours)

Let's discuss Prohibition while tasting some rum! Our guide will take you on a guided tour through our gallery (30 minutes) and then take you to a  local rum distillery where you will take a distillery tour and enjoy rum tasting!


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Crime Tours

Here at Crime Tours, our purpose is to tell the untold stories that have shaped South Florida. From celebrity homes, historical destinations, gangsters, to mysteries, book one of our tours that tells you the truly twisted history of South Florida. From shady business deals, to gun-slinging mob bosses, corrupt politicians and rogue drug dealers, South Florida has had its share of dubious deadbeats.

Crime Gallery

Our gallery's purpose is to be an educational resource on South Florida’s law enforcement, crime, forensic history, and support education related exhibits and programming. In the Crime Gallery you will learn about South Florida’s history starting from the murder of Native American tribes by Spanish Conquistadors up to the gun violence of present day.  The Crime Gallery is provided by Crime History Inc., a 501(c)3, non profit.