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Here at Crime Tours, our purpose is to tell the untold stories that have shaped South Florida. From celebrity homes, historical destinations, gangsters, to mysteries, we are the only tour that tells you the truly twisted history of South Florida. Crime Tours seeks to deepen the understanding of past choices, present circumstances, and future possibilities; strengthen the bonds of the community; and facilitate solutions to common problems by analyzing our past.

Our museum has floor to ceiling displays, exhibits, original newspapers, and artifacts dating back to the 1500’s. Within our walls you will find an understanding of how South Florida rose to fame through the many illegal activities that took place. We also offer Van/Bus Tours, equipped with video and audio that takes guest around to significant or historical locations in the Fort Lauderdale area. Not only will guest be able to learn great history, but they will also be able to sight-see Fort Lauderdale.

SunSentinel Article: New South Florida Crime Museum:
Enough crime here to last us for the rest of eternity

Our Story

Crime Tours, LLC, a South Florida historical tour and museum business in Fort Lauderdale, was opened by attorney and crime history buff Chris J. Mancini. It all began in the late 1990s, when Mr. Mancini led a “murder, mystery and mayhem tour” every three to four months for members of the Miami-Dade Historical Society. After the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Mr. Mancini was busy practicing law and stopped the tours. Two decades later, we open our doors to a new and improved Crime Tours with the addition of the Crime Tours Museum.

Our purpose is to be an educational resource on South Florida’s law enforcement, crime, forensic history, and support museum and education related exhibits and programming. We have a responsibility to the public, our collection, and the hundreds of thousands of lives that came before us that were affected, in some form, by the occurrences in our past.
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